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Eden Grange Exchange LLP is an international private due diligence and investigations services provider. We are a dynamic, multi-skilled company whose mission is to continuously develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive legal protection programme, along with investigative due diligence services for businesses, public and governmental bodies to both help prevent and to investigate financial crime, to recover assets, and to safeguard people, enterpises, assets and information.


We help our clients to conduct due diligence and screening, investigate their clients' activities and identify, analyze and mitigate risks that arise from those activities. We apply a bespoke approach to every client and tailor our services to suit your requirements and situation.


Headquartered in the heart of Cyber Valley in Worcestershire in the United Kingdom, we have a global outreach to countries around the globe. Recently, we have also opened a branch office in the USA. We have established number of designated expert local teams that provide support services associated with due diligence, investigations, operations and legal support. We have coverage in such countries and areas as the USA, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Central Europe and Middle East.

How we help

Identify. Avert. Respond. Report.

We can help to protect your enterprise and solve your business related challenges through an extensive expertise, diverse knowledge and ability to react fast. In the current times of economic uncertainty, numerous sanctions and increasing trend to combat money laundering, tax evasion and corruption through the use of trusts and offshore vehicles, more and more perpetrators originating from vulnerable jurisdictions try to exploit genuine service providers and companies by creating sophisticated schemes to launder ill gotten proceeds or bypass imposed sanctioned. We help our clients to detect, monitor and prevent from becoming unaware enablers and facilitators of crime by investigating and uncovering sophisticated attempts of criminals to abuse the trust of our clients. We also help our clients to locate, recover or deal with assets that have been either acquired through illicit activity or hidden through artificial illicit schemes.

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about us

Eden Grange Exchange LLP is an international private due dilligence and investigation services provider.

We offer our services to private and public companies as well as to companies that offer offshore trusts and fiduciary services.

Our mission is to continuously develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive protection programmes by providing investigative due diligence and business support services for private, public and governmental bodies. Our aim is to both help prevent and to investigate financial crime, to recover assets, and to safeguard people, assets and information.

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Eden Grange Exchange LLP provides investigation services to clients helping to identify, analyze, mitigate risks and conflicts through fact-finding and critical analysis. Our experienced teams of experts have deep knowledge and understanding of processes and procedures underlying any illicit activity and have conducted large amounts of investigations. We help organisations to conduct internal and external investigations and examine any allegations or suspicions of wrongdoing and illicit conduct. We have helped numerous clients to successfully prevent from being exposed to criminal, civil and regulatory liability that would otherwise occure should our clients would not have been aware about the activity of their business partners and continued cooperation. In cases where a continuous monitorship is required, Eden Grange Exchange LLP is able to provide neccessary arrangements through our expert criminal analysts and investigative teams.


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In order to safeguard your investments and your commercial decisions you really need the variety of due diligence and business intelligence measures we can provide.  Risks are posed in every new venture, whether it be deciding on investment, working with new partners, trying a new market or meeting regulatory requirements.  We can provide you with the methodology and the consultation to meet your particular needs, and our extensive powers of investigation, our world-wide knowledge and our outstanding reputation for efficiency and impartiality make us a leading agent in this field. We look at risk from every possible angle and this allows us to apply the appropriate level and form of due diligence action in response to your specific needs.  You can work with our own professional investigators directly in the customary way, or use the online customer facility, depending on your requirements.

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