About us

Eden Grange Exchange LLP is an international private due dilligence and investigation services provider.We offer our services to private and public companies as well as to companies that offer offshore trusts and fiduciary services.

Our mission is to continuously develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive protection programmes by providing investigative due diligence and business support services for private, public and governmental bodies. Our aim is to both help prevent and to investigate financial crime, to recover assets, and to safeguard people, assets and information.

We specialise in providing research and investigation services of the entities and individuals that originate from the post Soviet Union domain, Central and South East Asia. We have built a vast amount of experience and have a comprehensive understanding of Eastern European and Asian business backgrounds and arrangements, how they operate, what exactly is done to hide beneficial ownership and misrepresent activity, how businesses are structured, assets and activities layered. This all helps our clients to minimise their risks and respond accordingly while dealing with cleintelle originating from the former Soviet Union.

Our comprehensive programmes include:
• Research and analysis of known or suspected incidents of fraud, detected in the course of business of the served entities, including cases of material internal and external defalcations, attempts of money laundering using the served entities.
•   Development and management of early warning capabilities to identify new risk or fraud trends and patterns using an effective corporate intelligence network. Advice to businesses, public and government regarding effective strategies to mitigate fraud exposures and reduce losses.
•   Development and management of a research capability to identify, assess, and recommend new and next generation tools and techniques to mitigate fraud and other potential risks.
•   Development and management of comprehensive techniques to identify risks to people and assets
•   Nourishment of the personal intelligence contact pool.
•   Conducting due diligence on individuals and companies to determine any risk to the people, businesses and assets.
•   Research into, and analysis of, the major financial crime methodology and techniques employed by the organized crime groups with the focus on East Europe, former Soviet Union and Central and South East Asia.
•   Conducting ongoing investigations and researching any known or potential risks to the financial system, businesses, public and governments both reactively and proactively.
•   Reporting to the public and governmental agencies. 
•   Disseminating intelligence and assisting in the development of intelligence-led approaches to combating organised crime and/or terrorism and financial criminal activities.

We also have a subsidiary in the USA. This allows us to efficiently cooperate with number of the US banks and enforcement agencies to report, prevent, combat and mitigate risks of financial and other crimes.

All in all, we help our clients to conduct due diligence, investigate their clients' activities and identify, analyze and mitigate risks that arise from those activities. Please see further details on how we can help your business and what we can do for you.

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