Analyze Business Relationships

Whatever fears or suspicions you may have about some sort of misconduct, breach of data or loss of assets, our team can help and advise you in the investigation of the problem.  We guarantee speed and efficiency, and you can rely on us to work with discretion and tact.

Investigations of Your Business Partners
An organization can be seriously affected by being abused by a business partner's misconduct and dishonesty, causing harm to your organisation's finances and your reputation.  One of our specialities is the implementation of thorough and very careful investigations to find out exactly who your business partners are, whether they have affilifation with any other adverse parties, what is the nature of their business conduct, potential risks and threats.

Investigations with Reference to Regulations
There is an international drive by all regulators to identify and sanction fraud of all kinds, including bribery, kickbacks, financial crime, governmental irregularities and anti-competitive actions.  We have vast amounts of experience, excellent investigative skills and a strong reputation for independence and impartiality. We can help you identify and mitigate any threats that arise from dealing with existing and prospective business partners.

Support in the Courts
If you are involved in a complex legal action, we can help you and your counsel to unravel issues and advise on the best approach.  We have an excellent record in navigating many-faceted legal cases involving commercial disputes, security issues and fraud in general.  We can also provide data collection, investigations and expert witnesses. 

Due Diligence
Remaining safe when entering into a new contract, minimizing risk and maintaining your reputation for integrity depend first of all on knowing who you are working with.  We can offer screening to give you the information you need, so that you can identify potential problems before they happen and decide where further investigation is needed.

Penetration Testing
You may well have an effective and alert security system, but can you ever be sure that a new contact will not be a liability or even a danger?  We can carry out deeply penetrative tests to establish if a new business partner might pose a cyber risk.   This we can do by making a simulated cyber-attack on your system to see if there are weak points which could be used by electronic attackers. 

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