Asset Recovery and Monitoring

Careful as you may be, it is probably impossible to defend your business totally against fraud, error and accident.  IT systems can be hacked, natural disasters can destroy electronic connections and records, discontented employees can sabotage systems, trusted staff can take bribes and kick-backs and your clients can be enaged in sophisticated illicit schemes. Our service can provide the best methods of recovering assets and bewein one step ahead of any potential issue.

Dispute Advice
Managing a dispute can be difficult and alarming, as well as being costly and long-winded.   The key thing is to know the real facts of the case.  Panic is the worst possible response, and can lead to hasty decisions that could ruin your reputation and alienate your workforce by creating an atmosphere of distrust.  We can offer a mixture of methods and devices to avoid this.

Forensic Accounting
Problems and conflicts can arise over uncertain financial transactions, and in such situations we can offer expert advice which can clarify the matter.  We can investigate and analyse records of transactions to identify fraud, financial crimes, check back through the history of accounts and therefore create a full picture of what happened, identify perpetrators and provide in-depth analysis of their backgrounds.

Searching for concealed assets
Finding assets which may have been concealed by dishonest or corrupt agents, or awarded through the courts, can be a mammoth task.  Our team has experience of running complex and often international searches for such hidden assets, often pursuing the funds in offshore tax havens, bogus companies or adverse and questionable court judgements.

f you are unsure about the activity of your agents, partners or clients, and think they can potentially compromise your business integrity, we are able to work with you on a constant basis and monitor business, legal, financial and other activities on your behalf. As a result, you will always have an up to date information and be aware of all the actions your partners, clients and agents have taken. We can offer you expert support to deal with this challenge, as our teams know the most effective ways to ensure compliance and to maintain an ethical profile.

Security and Surveillance
Lost commercial information is always the consequence of a weakness in some area of the organisation – its staff, its documentation, its IT system and data storage, or deliberate bugging.  Our experts can provide you with the information you need to protect your business and ensure tight technical security.

Investigations of Data Breach
Loss of data can have a bad effect on your business, giving an impression of incompetence and inefficiency, and shaking the confidence of you customers, investors, partners and staff.  Our data breach investigations techniques can help you remedy the situation and recover trust, while making sure that you are meeting all regulatory requirements.

Response to Incidents
However complex and subtle your security system, it is impossible to guarantee that no data breach will ever occur, whether it be through hacking, negligence or anything else.  We have security and forensic experts who can be with you quickly to help you investigate the problem, identify the source and contain the potential damage.

Recovery & Analysis of Data
If you suffer a breach of data, you need to act very quickly before the trail is lost and the damage is spread.  We can use high standard recovery devices on your technology, including your servers, laptops, PCs or phones, examine your physical systems and your staff, and make a forensic analysis to find out what exactly has happened and how much has been lost.

Detection of Malware
If you are affected by a deliberately destructive virus, your first defence is to learn how it works and what it could do to your systems.  We offer a high-speed critical incident response, in which our experts investigate and examine hostile programs, unearth their purpose and technology and discover their purpose in order to eradicate them.

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