Asset Searches

Finding assets which may have been or attempted to be concealed by dishonest or corrupt agents, or awarded through the courts, can be a mammoth task.  Our team has experience of running complex and often international searches for such hidden assets, often pursuing the funds in offshore tax havens, bogus companies or adverse and questionable court judgements. We help to search, locate and recover assets on behalf of corporations, governments and individuals. We have developed unparalleled investigative approach and strategy in searching and recovering assets. We are living in the era of globalisation and new markets are open and easy accessible. Coupled with the services that are offered by offshore jurisdictions, assets can be concealed through easily setup complex corporate structures and transferred very quickly. As a result, the true beneficial owners of assets are hidden and it is difficult to locate hidden assets. Our expertise and experience allows us to identify the beneficiary, source of funds and assets. Our criminal analysts come from various backgrounds including financial investigations, law enforcement, forensic accounting and others.

We help our clients identify:
• Tangible and intangible assets
• Financial accounts and transactions
• Business affiliations
• Personal property — jets, yachts, luxury cars, fine art

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