Business and Financial Misconduct Investigation

Whatever fears or suspicions you may have about some sort of misconduct, breach of data or loss of assets, our team can help and advise you in the investigation of the problem.  We guarantee speed and efficiency, and you can rely on us to work with discretion and tact.

Forensic Accounting
If you suspect that something is not right, our forensic accountants group can investigate and measure the scale of the possible fraud, however complicated or hidden it may be.  We have specialist analysts, experienced investigators and experts in every aspect of business fraud, who will find out the truth for you and assess the scale of the problem.

Investigations of internal wrongdoing
Fraud inside your organization can be a very difficult issue to deal with and can seriously disrupt the company’s activities.  Our well experienced team can help and advise you at every stage of the investigation, and give support in the recovery process, new training and safeguarding against repetition.  Equally important is that all our clients see us as truly independent and impartial.

Searching for concealed assets
Finding assets which may have been concealed by dishonest or corrupt agents, or awarded through the courts, can be a mammoth task.  Our team has experience of running complex and often international searches for such hidden assets, often pursuing the funds in offshore tax havens, bogus companies or adverse and questionable court judgements.

Support in the courts
If you and your legal representatives are involved in court actions or investigations, our expert team can offer ways of unearthing the truth, finding witnesses in support of your case, and evidence against your legal adversary, and advise you on how to present this evidence in a convincing and appropriate manner.

Due Diligence Enquiry
If you are pursuing a possible deal, considering investment in a new enterprise or planning to try a new market, you need to know exactly how viable it is so that you can make a realistic decision about whether to continue.  Our team have access to information on a global scale which can provide you with exactly what you want to know before you take your decision.

Fighting Money Laundering
It can be very profitable to receive investment and new customers from around the world, but some caution is necessary before you commit yourself.   You need to know the background from which these funds or buyers come, who exactly they are and what their standing may be.  Our AML team can carry out investigations for you, using the most advanced methods of data gathering.

Investigation of Cyber Crime
Cyber crime is alarming and mysterious, and you will need immediate and clear explanation of how it happened and what the damage might be.  Our investigative team have plentiful experience in investigating and following up this new sort of business fraud, collecting evidence, analyzing data and making internal investigations.

A globalized and connected business world offers opportunities but control can sometimes be lost.  All modern businesses must accept the idea of risk, and the successful management of this risk is at the heart of corporate resilience.  We have lengthy and wide experience of advising on risk, guiding businesses on probability, hedging and prediction.

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