Considering Opportunities and Assessing Risk

If you are thinking of investing in something new or entering a new market, or considering to offer your services to prospective clients and investorts, you need comprehensive, accurate and complex information on which to base your decision.  Our specialists, many with in-depth knowledge of individual industries, know what to ask and where to find the important information to help you assess the party you are dealing with and measure the possible risks.

Due Diligence Before Transactions
A successful decision in business can often depend on careful and thorough due diligence before the provision of services.  We have the expertise and methodology to be able to advise you at every stage of your transaction, considering the probity of your proposed business partners, the reliability of the commercial information offered, the regulatory considerations that may affect your activities, and the quality and reliability of the supply chain.

New Markets
Going into a new market can be exciting and full of promise, but it would be foolish to take such a step without careful planning and investigation. We can provide the information you need about local competition and possible partners.  Our team can also give you key information about potential political, economic, cultural and organizational problems you might encounter, so that you can make a well-informed decision before you sign.

Due Diligence in a Wider Context
Your business success may depend not only on the actions and reliability of your commercial partners, but also on complex and restricting regulatory, legal and financial systems which can have an adverse effect on your trade.  Your unfamiliarity with such local issues means that you need expert advice, which we can provide.  We can direct you towards a risk-based compliance pattern of approach to enable you to focus your due diligence efforts correctly.

Fighting Money Laundering
It can be very profitable to receive investment and new customers from around the world, but some caution is necessary before you commit yourself.   You need to know the background from which these funds or buyers come, who exactly they are and what their standing may be.  Our AML team can carry out investigations for you, using the most advanced methods of data gathering.

Security and Vulnerability
We all know that businesses can be vulnerable to many disruptive threats, such as terrorism, financial crime, industrial espionage, and theft of intellectual property Our comprehensive approach considers your security from every possible angle and can advise you on ways to protect your business against such threats, whether they are, human, technological or physical.

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